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Jennifer Zanni is the founder and president of the Endometriosis Foundation of Rhode Island, a 6-year-old nonprofit based in Lincoln. She has worked for CVS Health since 2006, most recently as a human resources senior consultant. Her personal struggles with the disease led to founding the nonprofit. Here she discusses its mission and outreach efforts.

PBN: Why and how did you found the Endometriosis Foundation of Rhode Island in 2011?

ZANNI: I was diagnosed with stage III endometriosis in May of 2010, after having laparoscopic surgery for a cyst inside my left ovary. I started researching the disease immediately and soon realized there was no known reason as to why it occurs, let alone a cure. From that point on, I made it my mission to start the foundation and raise awareness.

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Jennifer Zanni

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Our Mission

The Endometriosis Foundation of RI is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing valuable research to those looking for answers and information in the areas of Endometriosis and to wholly use the Foundations knowledge and skills to increase awareness throughout.

Endometriosis affects roughly 200 million women throughout the world, and is also one of the most poorly understood condition


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*This information is not intended for substitution of medical advice. Please consult your physician. 

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